• Image of 5 Elements Crystal Garden

The 5 Elements Crystal Garden expresses earth's principle elements: earth, wind, fire, water, and storm // Keep a garden in your home, bedside, desk, or any place that may need the elements for energetic positivity //

Properties of each element
Earth // Petrified Wood: represents strength, grounding and healing
Wind // Clear Quartz: protects against negativity, amplifies energy
Fire // Citrine: uplifting, warming, and fires creativity
Water // Blue Lace Agate: maintains a healthy emotional balance
Storm // Rose Quartz: promotes forgiveness and self love

Each garden kit will contain
- 1 white 4" clay dish with black stripes
- 1 oz glass pieces, black mirrored
- 5 gem stones listed above: 1 polished petrified wood, 1 raw clear quartz, 1 polished citrine, 1 polished blue lace agate, 1 raw rose quartz

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Sizes may vary from photos